Thursday, December 03, 2015

Oz in Jeopardy!

The October 20 edition of the game proved to be particularly interesting. How so? Why, just look at this $600 clue in the category Jeopardy on the Movie Marquee, in which all of the clues are movie titles with one key word replaced with "Jeopardy":

Allison, the challenger on the right, rang in first and correctly responded, "What is Oz the Great and Powerful?" And normally, that would be it. But this was not a normal game! Towards the end of the show, when the Final Jeopardy! category of 20th Century Novels was revealed, I didn't think much about it. But then the clue was revealed:

Let's just say I knew it was another Oz clue, but did the contestants?

(A side note here: I wasn't sure about the date, as I thought it was a few years earlier then that. I checked, though, and sure enough, it's from 1995. And now back to the game!)

After the following thirty seconds ticked down:

...each contestant's response was revealed (and here, I am including their wagers). First was Allison, who wrote:

She went in with $7200, so her final score was $14,300. Next was Dean, the defending champion, who wrote:

She already had $12,000, so she doubled her score with $24,000. Finally, going into Final Jeopardy! with $13,000 was Robert, the challenger at the middle lectern, and to nobody's surprise, he wrote:

His total, therefore, was $25,500, and he became the new Jeopardy! champion.

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