Saturday, October 03, 2015

This Week's Oz Short Story

Yup, it's back! When I took my short hiatus of reading short stories, it was because I had no new ones to tackle. The plan was to go back and visit a few older ones that I haven't read for a while, most of which I haven't blogged about. But things can change! Over on the Royal Blog of Oz is a new story, "The Strong Man in Oz" by Jon Miranda and Jared Davis. It's a fun little tale based firmly in the classic books, with someone from the Wizard's old life in the circus becoming a pawn in an attempt to change the dreams of the people of Oz. Naturally, then, most of it takes place in the mysterious Kingdom of Dreams, seen on the 1914 map of Oz and the surrounding countries but never actually visited in any book. It was a fun little story, but it felt awfully short, and as a result there wasn't a lot of character development. But I did enjoy it, and the final fate of our title character, Theo, is satisfyingly Ozzy.


Jared said...

We're discussing a rewrite for Oziana 2017. It wasn't meant to be very long or seen by the public, but it was good enough to be released.

James C. Wallace II said...
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