Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Ozzy Halloween Eve

Yesterday wasn't even Halloween, but it turned out to be very Ozzy. First of all, I was subbing at one of the local middle schools, and they had a pep assembly. The ASB officers were running it, and one of them had a blue checked dress and sparkly red shoes. That was the only Oz costume I saw at work, but Laura saw more! As a reporter for the loral paper, she had to find all the local costumed characters, and lucked out at the local beauty school! Here's the photo of the whole crew:

This will probably run in Monday's paper, and if not, well, it's here now! Then, after we picked up my car from the shop (it really needed a tune-up and some major work on the electrical system), we realized we had enough time to go get some badly overdue haircuts. Guess where we went? Yup, the local beauty school! I got my hair cut by the Wicked Witch of the West. I was a little worried during the shampoo.

Snip snip here, snip snip there...

Laura, meanwhile, got hers cut by the Cowardly Lion, with final inspection by the Scarecrow. They all posed for this great picture.
Tonight, we are planning for as many as 1500 possible trick-or-treaters, and as in years past, I suspect we'll see a handful of Dorothys, and maybe one or two others who can pass off as Oz characters. I'll give you a full report some time tomorrow. If you're going out tonight, remember to have fun, but you'll have more fun if you play it smart and play it safe so that you dan't get hurt.

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