Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's Brand New (In More Ways Than One) Oz Comic

A new comic debuted today at And in it's very first installment, The Best Medicine Cartoon hits it out of the park with a great Oz cartoon. (But what's the Lion doing there? He's not in that scene.)

And hey, we seem to have an ID on our mystery cartoon from the other day. I am now pretty darned certain, after a comment from Mark Masterson, that it is an installment of Pardon My Planet. Now I just need to find an archive of the strip from May to confirm it. Trouble is, every archive I can find is either too recent or too far in the past. Anyone with better Google fu than me care to take a shot at it?

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Bat Masterson said...

This blog post with the cartoon in it is from February 2013, so you're looking for a May archive from 2012 or before. This post is vague on dates, but makes it seem as though the cartoon has been running for several years. That's all I have at the moment...