Friday, August 21, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

"Pins and Needles" by Melinda LeFevers was rejected from the main book and relegated to I Didn't Quite Make It to Oz for a number of reasons. It was long-ish, and the story was on the border with a writer without a proven track record, but maybe the biggest reason is that Dorothy didn't actually want to go back to Oz, which was the book's main theme. It is, however, a charming little story, and I'm glad that it found a home so that people can read it. Dorothy, having received the latest news from Oz through her mirror (a clever way to start the story), finds out that the Scarecrow is suffering from a mysterious malady and the Tin Woodman is under arrest, suspected of doing the deed. Dorothy figures out right away what's happened and finds her way back to Oz to help her friends. A nice bonus is Ozma getting a name check, so LeFevers knows more than just the original book and its most famous film adaptation.

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