Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Latest Oz Comic Book

Yes, the new comics order is in! Not a lot that's Ozzy, so I'll just jump in with the first thing I read, Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen #3 from Zenescope. Queen Dorothy and the gang realize they've been letting Warlord dictate how the war unfolds for too long, and decide to take the next battle to him. And the issue ends with them trying to spring the trap on him. But the first two-thirds or so was just an awful lot of talking. There are some good ideas here, but it really isn't anywhere near the real Oz, so it just doesn't even register much for me. Heck, I'd completely forgotten about one of the few characters introduced in earlier issues who is about the only nod to the later books, a wily nome named Rho'kat. Oh, well, we're halfway through this series, which should be the last from Zenescope (their Oz has long been billed as a trilogy), so it will likely be over pretty soon. By then, it looks like The Legends of Oz: The Wicked West may be up and running again, which is excellent news!

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