Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Week's Oz Short Story

Yup, you've got it, one more from I Should Have Stayed in Oz. In "Dorothy Down Under" by Glenn R. Sixbury, Dorothy is in a hospital for the mentally ill after telling Aunt Em and Uncle Henry about Oz once too often, with violent results. She flips out again when one doctor presents her with her magic shoes (Sixbury rather craftily doesn't tell us what color they are!), and they don't work! But over a conversation with some of her fellow patients, she begins to understand that she's not crazy, and also how she was able to make the shoes work in Oz. She gives it one more try, and — well, I won't spoil it for you, but one look at the title may suggest where she ends up. This one was mostly a lot of talking heads, and maybe not as action packed as some of this book's other tales, but that format also gives a lot of insight into Dororthy's head and how she figures out some hard truths about herself.

And with that, I have finished this collection. Right now, I have no new Oz short stories to read, so between that and going off to the convention next week, I'm giving this series a little break. But I have quite a few stories I'd like to reread, and as soon as I can I also want to get this volume's follow-up, I Didn't Quite Make It to Oz. So I will be reading a short story every weekend again, starting soon. And maybe I will even talk about some of them here!

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