Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Week's Oz Short Story

One more from I Should Have Stayed in Oz. We had something with a similar premise earlier in the book, in that "Oh, Them Silver Slippers" by Laura J. Underwood involves Toto finding the Silver Slippers. But here, Toto is very much a dog, and does what any dog would do when he finds a slipper. Nope, nobody gets to Oz in this one, I'm afraid. What amused me about this one, however, is that Toto is menaced throughout the story by the farm's lead chicken, Billina. Yes, this is the first appearance in this book by a character from the rest of the books, albeit this is more likely the Return to Oz version as she's in Kansas, and Dorothy doesn't first meet her in a chicken coop on the way to Australia.

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