Monday, June 22, 2015

Oz in Jeopardy!

After a flurry of Oz clues in a small number of games in March, Jeopardy! was pretty quiet Oz-wise for a while, until the April 13, 2015 game, which featured two clues of interest, both in the Broadway Debuts category of the Double Jeopardy! round. The very first clue uncovered in the round, for $400:

Alex, the returning champion, rang in first and correctly responded, "Who is Jackman?" (Hugh Jackman, of curse). And while this clue is pretty Ozzy, since the Oz it refers to is Australia, I may not have blogged about it (although Judy Garland is a character in the play, since the titular Boy from Oz did marry Liza Minnelli) by itself. But a few clues later, for $1600, this clue was revealed:

Alex again rang in again, but got a rare wrong answer when he asked, "Who is Menzel?" It was Kathy, the challenger on the right, who then rang in next and correctly responded, "Who is Chenoweth?" Alex (Trebek, the nost, not the defending champion) then helpfully added her first name, Kristin, when confirming that she was correct. (Had I been there, I'm not sure I would have gotten it right if I'd rung in first, although if I'd had more time I probably would have remembered that Idina Menzel was probably in Rent in or before 1997.) Despite his misstep, Alex (the champion, not the host) was such a dominant player that he could not be caught in the end, and defended his championship.

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