Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

Once again, I have dipped into I Should Have Stayed in Oz for my latest story, "Not in Kansas Anymore" by Rhonda Eudaly. In this one, somehow Dorothy's first trip to Oz has made her immortal, so in today's world, she's doing about the only thing she can: Chasing storms in Kansas for a reality television show. Of course, if one of those storms should also happen to take her back to Oz at last, so much the better! I enjoyed this one, even though it was brief (nowhere near as brief as last week's, however), and it even acknowledged the books! Once again, however, this book has made the mistake of calling a certain Good Witch Glenda. This was so brief, however, that I was a lot less annoyed with it than last week.

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