Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oz in Jeopardy!

It took two weeks into it's thirty-first (!) season, but the Friday, September 26 game had an extremely unexpected Oz reference in the Jeopardy round category A Rose Garden, of all things. This was a video clue, so while they showed the image below, Alex read the $1000 clue:

"Follow this three word rose that Oz-tensibly works well as a ground cover."

Catherine, the defending champion, rang in first and correctly responded, "What is yellow brick road?" She was, of course, correct. She would later go on to win yet again — sort of, as she tied one of the other contestants, and they both became co-champions.

Not being much of a gardener, I'd never heard of this rose, of course, so I did a little digging for more information. It's a relatively recent variety, and is available through the Easy Elegance collection. Hmm, we have a nice south-facing sunny spot on our property, I wonder if I could talk Laura into extending the Oz collection outside? Isn't there also a Judy Garland rose? Any other Oz flowers I should know about (besides poppies, of course)?

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