Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Latest Oz Short Story

Yes, it's another one from the Oz Reimagined anthology, this one "A Meeting in Oz" by Jeffrey Ford. Dorothy, all grown up and working in a Kansas City shoe store, finds the silver shoes in the back room. Well, what do you think she did with them? Once she gets to Oz, she finds a lot has changed. It turns out that she lived in Oz for many years before returning to Kansas, and when she find the Wizard, he explains how she was so much more an integrated part of the country than anyone imagined at the time. Her leaving was the catalyst that started many things to change, and how events in her life in Kansas continued to affect Oz. This is another story of an old, embittered Dorothy never quite being right or happy after her adventures in Oz, but there are some interesting little twists here. I appreciate all of the nods to the later books, such as Jack Pumpkinhead, Ozma, and Aunt Em coming to Oz to see her. It's too bad that this one is such a downer.

There is only one story left in this collection, but I doubt I'll get to it next weekend as I have a big event going on. After I'm done with this collection, I know of one other short story collection that I don't have, and I have another that I want to reread. Then there's always online fanfiction...

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