Monday, July 07, 2014

Oz in Jeopardy!

I had a couple of episodes of Jeopardy! reserved, thinking I'd write about some of the clues here, because they talked about Idina Menzel and Dan Aykroyd. Both have been in Oz productions (yes, Aykroyd was the voice of te Tin Woodman in The Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, which you'd know if anybody had actually seen the movie), so I figured they were fair game. But I've now decided that I'm not going to include clues about actors just because they've been in Oz. (Clues about them being in Oz is another story, of course.) But this clue, from the game for July 2? Oh, yeah, that's fair game, as you will soon see. In the category Literary Quotes, under the very first clue for $400:

Christi, the challenger on the right, rang in first and correctly responded, "What is The Wizard of Oz?" She then went on to win the game and become the new champion, so in this case, at least, knowing your Oz paid off.

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