Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Weekend's Oz Short Story

Another short story presented itself elsewhere, so I'm taking a break this week from Oz Reimagined. Instead, I read "Gone with the Hurry-Cane" by Nathan DeHoff, a tale about politics and magic in pre-Dorothean Ev. This story could not exist without the works of Ruth Plumly Thompson, because DeHoff touches upon events or characters from The Hungry Tiger of Oz, The Wishing Horse of Oz, and perhaps Thompson's greatest creation, Jinnicky, the Red Jinn of Ev, who appeared in several books. But Baum fans will also recognize Ev as introduced in Ozma of Oz, and Johnny Dooit from The Road to Oz also appears. It's a fun little tale that explains a lot about the magic workers of Ev and the country's relations with Rash. I hope we see more stories like this! (I can't help thinking that the final fate of the antagonist and the conclusion of the story may be setting something up for the future.)

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Nathan said...

Thanks! That's a story I had brewing in my mind for some time before I finally wrote it.