Friday, June 13, 2014

The Wizard of St. Louis Deserves Better

Mickey Carroll played the Town Crier in Munchkinland in the most famous film version of The Wizard of Oz. He didn't stick with acting, however, and eventually moved back to St. Louis to work in the family business, which was building and engraving tombstones. From that, he became a wealthy man, and gave much of his wealth to charity, helping many people out and becoming a beloved figure in the St. Louis area. He died in 2009, but his family has been contesting his estate and what's to be done with it. As a result, his space in a mausoleum where he is interred is not marked. Yes, the man who worked in the industry to remember people who have passed on lies in an unmarked space. It sounds like, from reading this account, that his family are not acting terribly well in this matter. (And in case you were wondering about the Facebook page that was mentioned, here it is.) Admittedly, we're only hearing one side of what's going on here, but the fact is, there is a Munchkin, a captain of industry, and a great philanthropist, all rolled into one package, lying in an unmarked space because of family bickering. I don't know what the solution is, and I certainly can't do anything to solve the problem myself. But I did want to at least get the word out about this situation to the world, as it looks like the Oz community doesn't know much about this. If you could spread the word, that might go a long way towards getting this matter settled.

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James C. Wallace II said...

Linda Dodge is currently doing a petition on Facebook with the goal of remedying this sad situation. I would recommend everyone wishing to help seek it out and sign it.