Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oz Almost in Jeopardy!

This one doesn't quite qualify as Ozzy, but close enough. On the May 24 game, the Double Jeopardy! round was a theme board. The categories were B1, B2, ... (about the B vitamins), I-20 (about the Interstate 20 freeway), 'N '39 (about events that happened in 1939), Gee, 50 (about things that astonish you once you turn 50 years old), "O" 75 (items having to do with the number 75 that start with O), and Bingo, of course. While the 'N '39 category was mostly about news and political events, it did finally get to the fun part of the year with this $2000 clue:

Catherine, the challenger on the right, rang in first and correctly stated, "What is Gone with the Wind?" For the small handful of you who are wondering what a GWTW clue is doing on an Oz blog, I will point out that Victor Fleming had one other big hit movie he directed in 1939, a little picture at MGM called The Wizard of Oz. Besides, any clue that mentions what a great movie year 1939 was deserves a shout out here.

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