Thursday, July 04, 2013

A small family of Oz awards

We managed to finally get all of our Oz awards up on the wall this morning. So, to let you know what they are, at the top is the L. Frank Baum Memorial Award that I'm still not quite sure I won this year, but it was presented to me at the Winkie Convention. Below that, on the left, is the 1997 Winkie Award. The one on the right is Laura's Winkie Award, which she won last year. Now, unless they revive the Ozmopolitan or Munchkin Conventions AND I attend them and win one of those awards, or Laura wins the L. Frank Baum award, that should be it. Since I don't think any of those scenarios are terribly likely (and certainly not in the next decade or so), I think that's going to be it for our family Oz awards.

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