Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oz in Jeopardy, Tournament of Champions Edition

My apologies for the long delay and very light posting over the past few weeks. I've been very busy, and I've had other priorities. But the good news is I have a little down time now, and can finally catch up on a few things, like this blog. Expect a few entries over the next week or so. And to start off, a little dose of Jeopardy! (that's over a month old now, so I hope you don't mind). They really, really like giving Oz clues on Jeopardy! in pairs this season, for some reason. For not only did they do it again in February, they did it in perhaps the two most important games of the entire season, the two-game finale of the annual Tournament of Champions. The fifteen top winners of the previous year come back and duke it out for trivia supremacy (and a quarter of a million dollars), and it came down to the final three. In only the second clue of the first match, we find this clue in the category 3 Last Words, in which you must give the last three words (makes sense) of whatever is named. The $200 clue was:

Believe it or not, nobody even wanted to guess, and Alex had to eventually tell them, "What is, '...why can't I?'" The next night, they waited until deep in the Double Jeopardy! round to unveil this clue for $800 in the category Unreal Estate:
Colby, one of the two Teachers Tournament winners in the Tournament of Champions, rang in first and correctly responded, "What's Oz?" He eventually went on to win the whole thing, so at least in this case, knowing about Oz really paid off!

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