Sunday, September 09, 2012

Today's Oz Comic

Every once in a while, Bizarro runs a recurring feature called Sunday Punnies. Considering the many puns in the Oz books, and how popular they are among Oz fans, it was perhaps inevitable that there would eventually be an edition with an Oz joke. Well, that time is today. It's the third one. It may take you a moment. Yes, somehow I stumbled upon a standalone copy of the larger version of the strip. (And for any of my fellow Doctor Who fans out there, wasn't that also the plot of a story on The Sarah Jane Adventures?)


Jared said...

Yes, yes it was.

I miss that show.

Eric said...

Me, too. (I suspect you'll want to pick up the forthcoming "Sarah Jane Adventures Special Volume 3" magazine when it comes out, as it goes into detail about unproduced stories, including the unfinished season 5). Laura and I are working our way through Season 2 on DVD right now.

Colin Ayres British Fan Of Oz said...

Yes it's a great shame we lost Elizabeth Sladen I think she would of continued on the show for a few more years it a shame we didn't get a final farewell on the Sarah Jane Adventures.