Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Latest Oz Watching

I got to watch two big Oz productions this weekend. So, here's my report:

  • First off, last night I went to the local high school to see their production of The Wizard of Oz. Yup, the play (Royal Shakespeare Company version, thank goodness). Since I also work at that school as a substitute teacher, I know a lot of those kids, and was able to give a few ideas to the director. So of course I was happy to see lots of blue in Munchkinland (the Munchkins hid behind blue umbrellas before being told to "Come out, come out, wherever you are"), and I really liked the Jitterbugs dressed in white with bright neon wigs and sashes, and it was performed under black light! That really made things pop. (Dorothy and friends held flashlights under their chins, a la The Blair Witch Project, so we could see them, at least.) And since this show is double cast, and Laura wasn't able to go with me last night, we're probably going to see it together next weekend.
  • I've had it for some time now, but I finally got around to watching the British DVD of The Witches of Oz, the television miniseries that's also now making the rounds as a movie under the title Dorothy and the Witches of Oz. I only watched part one today (I'm saving part two for next weekend), and it's off to a good start. Dorothy is now all grown up and a writer, who's just been whisked off to New York City for some talks about turning her books about Oz into a movie. But she keeps meeting people and having dreams about Oz, and flashes of recognition. It turns out that her trip to Oz actually happened, and she's been entrusted with an item that will ensure the safety of both Oz and our world. But she's been discovered, and her enemies from Oz are coming to get her. Dorothy's allies, however, are also coming to help her.

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