Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surprise Oz in the comics

It turns out that Fables wasn't the only Ozzish appearance in this month's comics order. Power Girl #27 has a villain giving Karen a choice of three crises to solve, and only one minute to do it, so she can only pick one — or so the bad guy thinks! She may not be the Flash, but PG has speed, and is able to not only take care of all three, she also solves a couple of other problems along the way. But the first place she goes is Brazil to save a friend who's been kidnapped. Now, they could have used just about anyone they wanted to, but who did the writers choose? Cyclone! So my favorite Oz-themed superheroine gets one last hurrah before the entire DC Universe resets itself. Sadly, no word yet on the fate of the JSA or Cyclone in the DCnU, but I hope they show up in some form.

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David Tai said...

The only word on the JSA is that they're being done by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, and that it will take place on Earth-2. When, it's not sure, but it'll be happening.