Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Witches of Oz is coming to America!

I was fortunate to receive a gift certificate for the other day, thanks to all of the stuff that people have bought through my website. I don't sell much through my British links, but I do well enough to get myself a little treat once in a while. So of course I ordered the television miniseries version of The Witches of Oz, thinking it would still be a while before it was ever shown over here. I've also heard that the planned American version will be a shorter theatrical movie, not a miniseries.

Today I found out that The Witches of Oz will be a featured offering in September on DISH On Demand and Pay-Per-View. And guess what service I get my television through? Oh, well, at least the British DVD didn't actually cost me anything, and I have a region free multi-format DVD player that it should work on.

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