Monday, July 18, 2011

Oz in Jeopardy, Kids Week edition

The annual Kids Week on Jeopardy! is always a lot of fun. They get bright ten- to twelve-year-olds from around the country, and they each play one game. I think the writers have some fun getting into the heads of kids at that age for a few days. Anyway, this year, I didn't get to see much of it right away because of the Winkie Convention. Good thing we have two DVRs that record it, because I was very pleased with the show for Friday, July 8. I was originally excited just for this exchange between Alex and Maddie, a kid from Florida who wants to be a theater critic:

ALEX: You're into theater, I understand.
MADDIE: Mm-hmm!
ALEX: How old were you when you saw your first play or musical?
MADDIE: Three or four.
ALEX: Yeah? What was it, do you remember?
MADDIE: Seussical. Seussical.
ALEX: Seussical! Now, do you want to pursue a career in the theater?
MADDIE: Mm-hmm!
ALEX: Yeah? What?
MADDIE: Mm, either a theater critic or I would like to be able to do musicals.
ALEX: Musicals. All right, what's your favorite musical?
MADDIE: Oh, my gosh, that's hard!
ALEX: Is it? Why?
MADDIE: Because I've seen so many, and they're all so good.
ALEX: Yeah?
MADDIE: It's really difficult to choose.
ALEX: So, your favorite musical would be the most recent one you saw.
MADDIE: Mm, probably.
ALEX: Yeah? Do you remember what that was?
ALEX: I'm putting you on the spot.
MADDIE: That would probably be Wicked.
ALEX: Okay. That's a fun one, isn't it?
MADDIE: That is a good one.
ALEX: I like that.
MADDIE: I like that one.

Ozzy enough for this blog, I figured. But wouldn't you know, once the game got started again, a few clues in and another contestant, Tony from Connecticut (whose ambition is to be an archaeologist) picked Literary Quotations for $800, and uncovered the Daily Double! He bet $1000, and got this clue:

Tony hesitated a bit, but did ask, "Who is Dorothy?" So his score went from $4600 to $5600. Tony would go on to dominate the game and win convincingly. Sadly, Maddie came out of the Double Jeopardy! round with no money at all and couldn't play in Final Jeopardy!

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