Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winkie Convention Countdown: 22 Days to Go

The 1988 Convention was special, because that was the year I first got involved behind-the-scenes in putting the thing on. Karyl Carlson was the chair that year, and she roped in a whole bunch of the rest of the Oogaboos to help out. My big contribution was the script for a skit, about Queen Ann and the rest of the gang from Oogaboo trying to get to the Tin Woodman's palace for a conference, and failing miserably until the Shaggy Man and Tik-Tok come and bail them out. It was silly and we got a lot of laughs in the places I wanted them, and not as many where I didn't, and ended with a rousing musical finish sung to the tune of "Comedy Tonight". I also got to play Jo Files, while Karyl was Queen Ann. We had lots of rehearsals and practices throughout the year, and while it went well, I've noticed that we've never tried to do an all-Oogaboo skit at the convention again. Hmm... I must see if I can dig that script out again.

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