Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oz in Jeopardy!

When I saw that the category for Final Jeopardy! on Friday's show was:

...I thought, "Well, okay, maybe, but there were an awful lot of classic films in the 1930s." But when Alex revealed the clue:

...Laura and I started high-fiving even before the famous "think" music started up. Thirty seconds later, the following responses were revealed. First the defending champion, Paul, showed this:

Nope, he couldn't come up with anything. He went in with $5800 and bet $3601, so his final total was $2199. Next was Sarah at the center lectern, and she wrote down:

At least she was in the right year. She started with $8200 and bet it all, so her final score was $0. Finally, Kate, at the right-hand lectern, showed her response:

She already had $9400 going in and bet $7001, so she became the new champion with a total of $16,401. Yet again, it pays to know your Oz.

"Hold on," you may be asking, "who got the Pythagorean Theorem wrong?" What, you mean you don't remember this clip?

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