Friday, December 31, 2010

The latest Oz reading

Well, a couple more books down to close out the year, so let's see what I can say about them.

First up is The Wizard of Oz Code by Mich Hancock. This was actually a complimentary copy for review, so I'm working on the review now, and it should turn up on my review page very soon. But very quickly, it's a spiritual guide using The Wizard of Oz (The Movie) to improving your life. There are an awful lot of these now...

The other book is another of those books that I can't tell you much about because too many elements are not yet in public domain, and so the publisher could conceivably be in some legal trouble (although not the author, as he passed away some years ago now). I will say that this is one of the more unconventional stories by this writer, who is already pretty unconventional, but it was also a lot of fun, and a little more straightforward than some of his other books. The story also involves an interesting magical application of twentieth century technology. And I'm afraid that's about all I can say.

Next time, I should actually be able to talk about the books I'm reading!

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