Saturday, October 09, 2010

Top Ten List, Contest Edition

You know those Top Ten lists David Letterman does every night? Well, the CBS website also has a weekly contest edition, where ordinary folks like you and me can write in an item, and the top ten get put up. This week, it was "Top Ten Christine O'Donnell Senate Campaign Slogans", and there were not one, but two that Oz fans might get a chuckle out of (particularly if you are not a big supporter of Christine O'Donnell — yes, warning, politics you may or may not agree with ahead, so I'll state again that this is being presented solely for Oz purposes only). Now, the list changes every week, so click here now if you want to see it. If, however, you missed it, don't panic. Just keep hitting the "Previous" button in the upper right hand corner until it turns up.

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