Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The latest Oz comic books

The comics order came yesterday. Which means — you guessed it — Oz comics! The big one was issue #2 of The Royal Historian of Oz. Jasper has set up an Oz library and museum of actual artifacts from Oz, and even figured out a magical means of hiding it from the Offical Oz Society. Frank still has his doubts about the whole thing (hey, he a rebellious, angst-filled teenager, what do you expect?), but at least he's become friendly with Zik, the flying monkey. Then the strike force arrives from Oz, and...well, let's just say stuff happens, and Jasper gets a note from Ozma and Glinda. They also have a T-shirt for sale, with the official "Official Oz Society" logo on it. I wish I could get one. You can see it and get it, as well as the comics and watch a trailer, at The other Ozzy title was Justice Society of America #43. No, nothing about Cyclone (although she has a cameo at the end, and will have a storyline coming up soon, I think). No, this one spotlights one of my other favorite comic characters, Green Lantern — the original Golden Age verison, Alan Scott. I'm not going to try to explain the entire current storyline, I'll just tell you that it resulted in him building a big huge green city on the dark side of the moon, and strange and fantastic creatures are coming from all over the universe to live there. The name of the story? "Emerald City", of course, and the two-page splash page does look pretty Ozzy (with a touch of "The Jetsons" here and there).

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