Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like Captain Salt day

Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties. Or, as it be known around Oz, Talk Like Captain Salt Day. Yarrgh!

By a wild coincidence, I received me the latest issue of The Baum Bugle, the journal of the International Wizard of Oz Club, in yesterday's mail. Why be that a wild coincidence? There be pirates in it! That saucy wench* Barbara S. Koelle wrote of "Buccaneers, Bandits, and Bad Guys in the Oz Books", which included Captain Salt and his pirate band. To add to the merriment, the Bugle also reprinted two of that scurvy dog L. Frank Baum's poems about Pirates ("Captain Bing" from Father Goose: His Book and "The Naughty Pirate" from The Navy Alphabet), two pirate illustrations from that bilge rat W. W. Denslow, and the story "Pirate Gold" from that rapscallion, Ruth Plumly Thompson. I very much be doubtin' that all this pirate booty was meant to coincide with Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it be most pleasin' to me that I should get this on the eve of such an auspicious day.

* (Barbara, if you or someone who knows you better than I do is reading this, I just want to make it clear here and now that the "saucy wench" remark was in the spirit of the holiday, and not in any way meant in a bad way. Really.)

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Nathan said...

Well, shiver my liver!