Friday, July 02, 2010

See Terry in action!

Just a reminder, TCM (for those of you fortunate enough to get TCM, which is the most awesome movie channel on cable) is showing The Wizard of Oz tonight, and as usual they're also showing a couple of their documentaries with it. But that's not the cool part! They're following it up with two more movies featuring the character with the most screen time in The Wizard of Oz. I'm talking about, of course, Toto. No, really, there's more Toto than Judy Garland. Toto was played by a female Cairn terrier named Terry (her trainer changed her name to Toto after her success in Oz), but that wasn't her only movie. She had a long, successful career in Hollywood, and so tonight, TCM salutes Terry by following Oz with two other features, Fury and George Washington Slept Here. The event even gets its own page on TCM's website, right here. That's a picture of Judy and Terry I don't recall seeing elsewhere before, I might add.) So check it out tonight, if you can.

And while I have everyone's attention here, may I make a suggestion to TCM? Hey, guys, you've had Oz movie nights in the past. One year, you had The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, a bunch of the silent Oz movies, and the usual documentaries. I also see that you have a deal with Disney to show much of their older films, even as recent as Spirited Away. So, how about a double feature of The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz (the 1985 version — although a showing of the 1964 animated TV special of the same name would also be pretty cool). And heck, while I'm dreaming, show the Off to See the Wizard TV show some time! That would be right up your alley, and we Oz fans could finally get to see the animated Oz introductions and bumpers.

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