Friday, July 30, 2010

Oz in Jeopardy! They're Reaching edition

It's time for another Oz clue on Jeopardy! You can tell, however, that the end of the season is coming up, because I think the writers are stretched a little thin. In Tuesday's game, in the category Ferrous, Bueller (all about iron), we got this clue for $400:

Nora, at the right-hand lectern, rang in first and incorrectly responded with, "What is the Bessemer process?" Vince, in the middle, then jumped in and correctly asked, "What is smelting?"

"What?" I can hear you ask. "That's not an Oz clue." And I didn't think so at first, either, because of Alex's less-than-convincing reading of the clue. But it makes more sense if you go back and reread the clue's last two lines with Margaret Hamilton's voice in your head. Think of some of her final lines in The Movie as the Wicked Witch of the West...

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