Monday, July 05, 2010

Check out some of my competition

I don't normally talk about other Oz blogs here, mostly because there are so many now, and I doubt that I'm the best judge of which ones are good — or which ones are going to keep going, for that matter. But I'm making an exception for the brand new Hungry Tiger Talk blog. Why? It's run by David Maxine, who I've known for years now. He's one of the good guys of Oz (not that there are many bad guys of Oz, of course), with all kinds of interesting and unusual passions to his collecting. And he's taking advantage of this blog to show off a lot of it. One reason for the blog (full disclosure here, folks) is advertising for his publishing company, Hungry Tiger Press, but he does such good work there that I don't see that as a problem. Besides, David peppers the blog with all kinds of stories and information that it's a joy to read. And kudos to him for actually managing a post a day ever since it started. (But let's see if he can keep that up during the big Comic Con International in a few weeks, as I know he and his partner, Eric Shanower, will be busy during that.)

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Hungry Tiger Talk said...

Thanks for the plug, Eric!

On the most basic level the blog is supposed to be promoting HTP - but it also has to be fun for me to do. And most importantly be a blog I'd actually want to read and be interested in.

Best Oz wishes, DM