Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Bold Prediction

There will indeed be a film version of Wicked, but not until 2017. How do I figure that?

  • The biggest, and first truly faithful, film version of The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939, thirty-nine years after the book's publication.
  • The next big film version, The Wiz, came out in 1978, which is thirty-nine years later.
  • Thirty-nine years after that year is 2017. So we will be due for a major, big-screen treatment of Oz that year. And the biggest, Ozziest product show around right now is Wicked. It would also be the second time in that every-thirty-nine-years cycle that a hit Broadway musical was turned into a movie.

Of course, with all of the Oz film projects being talked about right now, it's entirely possible that someone is going to beat Universal to the punch, we'll get something in, say, 2014, and that will not only throw the whole cycle off, it might make Universal gun shy about a Wicked movie.

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