Friday, July 09, 2010

Another Oz reference in my comics

This wasn't a full-blown issue or character, just a throwaway line, but it was fun — particularly considering the source. When I'm not an Oz fan, I'm a big Doctor who fan, so of course Laura and I get the current Doctor Who ongoing comic from IDW. In issue #12, a character tells the Doctor, "I see everything!" To which the Doctor responds, "See everything? I don't think so. I mean, you've not seen an elephant eat its own head, have you? Or a Sycorax in a Broadway show? Although there was that Slitheen in Wicked..."

For those who don't get the reference, these are Slitheen. With that coloration, I suppose one could play Elphaba...

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Jared said...

Awesome! "Elephant eat its own head?" Like the elephant that jumps down its own throat in "The Magical Monarch of Mo"?