Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy birthday, L. Frank Baum

Today, were he alive, L.Frank Baum would be 154 years old. To celebrate, Jared Davis put together a celebratory podcast of a reading of Baum's short story, "Aunt Phroney's Boy". I have a very small part at the end (so small I wonder why Jared even mentions me in the credits), but I'm pleased as punch that I thought of my fellow Oogaboo and Queen Ann in Oz co-author Karyl Carlson to play Aunt Phroney when Jared couldn't find any other leading lady. I got the two of them together, and... Well, you can listen to the results for yourself right here.

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Jared said...

Your modesty is quite admirable. I credited you because you contributed. Last Christmas, I credited myself when I voiced Jack Pumpkinhead. No part is too small. And I really appreciate you getting Karyl in. Thanks!