Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oz in Jeopardy! Mega-Deluxe Bumper Edition

Boy, oh boy, was the first round of the March 11 episode of Jeopardy! a lot of fun for us Oz fans. First off, the last two categories on the board formed a pair:


So our three contestants jumped into The Wizard first, which was all about wizards in books and movies and television (and believe it or not, not a single mention of Harry Potter). Most of the clues weren't Oz related, but the $600 clue was:

Ryan, at the rightmost lectern, rang in and correctly responded with, "What is The Wiz?" Further down the category, at $1000, this clue came up:

Cyd, the defending champion, got in first and correctly responded with, "What is Excalibur?" I bring this up only because Williamson would go on to play Doctor Worley and the Nome King in Return to Oz a few years later. The players went on to some other clues, but eventually came to Of "Oz". The Oz being in quotation marks means that the letters O-Z will appear in the correct response. Even though it's not about Oz, I thought it was fun anyway, so here they are. For $200:

Leslie, in the middle, got in this time, and said, "Who is Bozo?" Under the $400:

Believe it or not, none of them even wanted to ring and try to respond with, "What is frozen?" Good thing it was time for a commercial break, I suspect. After the break and the brief player interviews, they went back to the category to find this clue for $600:

Leslie correctly said, "What is a bulldozer?" She then picked the same category for $800:

Ryan got in this time, and asked, "What is a lozenge?" They went on to some other clues for a while, but finally they got to the $1000 clue, which was:

Leslie got in and correctly asked, "What is protozoa?"

And that was it for the Oz content. Cyd went on to win the game and become a two-day champion, even though he didn't correctly respond to any of the Oz or "OZ" clues.


Michael Jones said...

I knew there'd be a Jeopardy entry soon when I read this.
Really proud of Cheech!

Eric said...

Sssssh! I haven't gotten to that episode yet. And boy, that will also be a long and interesting post. Soon, I hope.