Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oz in Jeopardy!

It's the annual College Tournament on Jeopardy! Bright young students from all over the country converge in a battle of wits to see who's the top dog in giving the right question to the answers. And yes, this year, there was an Oz clue in the first round. On the quarterfinal game on Wednesday, February 3, the following clue appeared in the category Movie Stuff for $200:

James, a freshman at Santa Clara University, rang in first and correctly responded with, "What are the ruby slippers?" He's now in the semifinals, I might add.

In case you're wondering why this clue looks different today, it's because it was sent to me via e-mail. Scott Cummings, a fellow Oz fan I've known for many years and is now editor of The Baum Bugle, took a photo of his television and sent it to me. Because of the nature of time zones and local scheduling, I saw his version of the clue several hours before it was shown here in my local market, so I was anticipating it once the show started. Thanks, Scott!

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