Sunday, December 27, 2009

The latest Oz reading

Just moments ago, I finished reading Tin woodman by David F. Bischoff and Dennis R. Bailey. This is a 1979 science fiction novel that served as the basis for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Tin Man", so I was vaguely aware of it. I picked up the book at some point but never read it, so when I came across it again while finishing my inventory last summer, I decided to set it aside and read it as soon as I could. And this was that opportunity.

The title character, in this case, is a living spaceship which needs a copilot to act in a symbiotic relationship. In the 23rd century, telepaths have recently developed on Earth, and a passing starship with its telepathic Shiplady awakens Tin Woodman and starts things off. This book, however, has a lot more to do with human failings and fears than high-concept science fiction. While the Oz content was extremely minimal, it was a fascinating read. If you have broader reading tastes than just Oz, you might want to search out for this book. It's long out of print, but there do appear to be copies out there to be had.


JDeCandia said...

Have you ever seen the Tin Man series? I love it, though it happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine.

Eric said...

Seen it? I reviewed it for The Baum Bugle a few issues back. But here's the capsule: On its own, it was a fun romp, but it's not really Oz, is it?