Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick hits

Dang. Too many things have piled up at once. So I'll just put them all together in one bullet-listed post.

  • Oz Not in Jeopardy! The other day, Jeopardy! had as a category Dr. Oz. No, nothing to do with the famous fantasy land. This was a set of clues on health presented by Dr. Mehmet Oz.
  • Today's Oz Comic: I'd like to point out to Scott Hilburn, the writer/artist of today's edition of The Argyle Sweater that Dorothy's instructions at the end of the book were a lot more specific, and this wouldn't have happened.
  • It's Banned Book Week! It actually started yesterday, and runs through Saturday. Go out and read a book someone else doesn't want you to read. And yes, in the past, that has included The Wizard of Oz.
  • And the LOLcats are at it again. Fortunately for those who don't like LOLspeak, this one's actually in English.

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