Friday, July 31, 2009

Set the TiVo!

Mark Evanier gets to do this sort of thing all the time on his blog, but this is the first time I recall ever getting the chance to alert you all to an Oz event coming up on television, so I will. The next new episode of the fun Food Network show Ace of Cakes is entitled "Cakes Take Flight," and one of the cakes is a Wizard of Oz balloon! Yes, Duff and Geof get to let out their inner Ozmotologist, and I'll bet the rest of the bakery is going to get in on the act in some way, too. It debuts next Thursday evening, August 6 (10:00 pm, rerun 1:00 am the next morning, according to the Food Network website), with another airing August 18 (8:00 pm). Be sure to check your local listings for the exact time in your area, particularly if you're like us and get your TV via satellite, as I think we actually get the Eastern feed, even though we live in the West. Anyway, Food Network has a web page devoted to the episode at

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