Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red letter comics day

The comics order arrived today. There were three Oz comics:

  • Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Volume 5 (and, it appears, the last issue, too), the latest in the Japanese manga series
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #7 (of 8) from Marvel, written by Eric Shanower and drawn by Skottie Young
  • And the best and biggest (literally!) of them all, Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz, the long-overdue reprint of all Oz-related Sunday comic pages from the turn of the (last) century. Not only are Baum's Queer Visitors pages in the book, but also W. W. Denslow's competing Scarecrow and Tin-Man page, as well as Denslow's Billy Bounce and some examples of the comic work of Walt MacDougall (the illustrator of Queer Visitors) and John R. Neill. This may be, by the way, the largest book in my collection. They've reproduced the pages in their original sizes, so it's 16 inches wide and 18 1/2 inches tall. It's so big, I can't even open it in my favorite reading chair, since it's too wide. So far I've read it on the floor, which is appropriate considering the material involved.

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