Friday, May 22, 2009

The latest Oz comics

I just got issue 6 of Marvel's adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz this week. Oh yeah, this is still good! Eric Shanower knows exactly what he's doing with the script — which is not a shock. Skottie Young is still doing a great job with his own take on the art. It's not something we've seen much of before, but it still looks like Oz. This issue covers from the group's return to the Emerald City to the discovery of the Wizard. Yes, we get the entire backstory of the Winged Monkeys. And that means illustrations of Gayelette and Quelala! Here are two great characters in Oz history that we know so little about. Whatever happened to them? Some Oz historian out there is going to write a great story about them some day. And the Wizard reminds me of Dr. Sivana from the old Shazam! comics. There are still two issues to go, and a lot more story to get in. We're going to see Skottie Young's interpretations of the China Country and the Forest Monster! And of course, in a couple of months, Glinda!

And there is yet still another comics adaptation of The Wizard of Oz coming oout next year. It's coming from Sterling Publishing and appears to be a one-volume graphic novel, illustrated by Ben Caldwell. I just checked out his website, and this one could be a lot of fun! And I have over a year to save up to get it.

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