Saturday, April 25, 2009

The latest Oz reading

Found a little Oz surprise in the latest batch of comics. One book we got was Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Manga, Volume 1, and the very first story had a little nugget of Ozziness. "Changeling" by David Gerrold (yes, the legendary writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles") has Wesley go through an interesting little series of tests on an away mission to a place called The Labyrinth of Wisdom. It's not out-and-out explicitly Ozzy, but there's some dialog at the end that made Laura and me grin, and shows that Wesley went through some of the same experiences that Dorothy went through in The Movie. If you're just not into ST:TNG or manga, I'd recommend Oz fans give this one a pass. Otherwise, if you're inclined towards getting this one anyway, check it out and get a little Ozzy bonus.

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