Monday, February 11, 2008

Many new Oz sightings!

Wow, it got busy over the past few days! So, let's just dive right in!

  • Aaron Adelman found two more editions of the Jump Start continuing on from the one he found last week. So here are the strips from last Friday and last Saturday. Enjoy them while you can!
  • Last Friday's edition of Jeopardy! had an Oz clue, worth $2000 in the Double Jeopardy! category Songs from Musicals, where you have to identify the show based on the name of a song (or some songs) from it:

    Nobody even ventured a guess. Of course, the correct response would have been, "What is Wicked?"
  • Finally, another Oz reference in the comic Six Chix. Again, enjoy it while you can.

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