Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oz in Jeopardy! season premiere

It only took a week into the new season for an Oz clue to pop up. For $400, in the first round, in the category Children's Authors:

(I didnt' even know Edith Van Dyne was supposed to be married!)

Matt, the challenger on the right, rang in first and correctly asked, "Who is L. Frank Baum?" (But he pronounced his name to sound more like "down" than "bomb.")

Later on in the game, still in the first round, the $200 clue in the category Judy was:

Rick, the returning champion, got it right by asking, "Who is Judy Garland?" (Did anyone think there wouldn't be a clue about her in a category called "Judy"?)

(I just want to add that Judy Garland alone wouldn't normally be enough for me to blog a clue about her, if it doesn't otherwise mention Oz. But with one Oz clue already, I thought I'd throw in this other one as well. Hey, it's the season premiere!)

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