Sunday, July 15, 2007

Non-convention catch-up

A few things I've been wanting to talk about, and can finally do now that most of the post-vacation stuff is history:

Right before the convention, Laura and I (along with fellow Oogaboo Sharon and her husband) went to see ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway during its one week run in town. It was a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put a show on Broadway, made all the better by seeing a lot of Wicked, including rehearsals, interviews with some of the folks involved (Idina Menzel, Marc Platt, Stephen Schwartz), some of the critics talking about it (interesting how some views of it changed before and after the opening and it became a hit), John Lahr's say (let's just say he's not a fan), and just how well it took off. If it's coming to your neck of the woods soon, I encourage you to see it, and yes, I definitely plan to get the DVD.

Still yet another new take on The Wizard of Oz as a comic book. We got the first issue of Into the Dust right before the trip, and it's an interesting new interpretation, with lots of nods to both the books and The Movie. In 1934 Kansas, orphaned farmgirl Judy (!) is caught in a cyclone, only to land in...a pool in Beverly Hills? And it's now 1964? This is definitely not a traditional take! The artwork is a little rough, but it does the job, and certainly doesn't look like any other interpretation I've seen before. I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey goes.

And that's about it! I should have a full-ish Winkie Convention report by the end of the week, and then we'll see what other Ozzy surprises come up.

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