Saturday, May 12, 2007

Found on the TiVo this week

Last night, I snuggled up with a nice warm remote to see what the TiVo had found for me this past week. There was a surprising amount of stuff. First off, we haven't heard from Jeopardy! for a while, but last night's game the second day of the finals of the College Championship, in the first round, the $600 clue in "On Broadway":

The response, of course, is "What is 'Wicked'?" and you can find out more about the backstage tour by clicking here. I sure wish I could go to New York and see it myself. Later, in the double jeopardy round, there was a clue about and picture of John Ritter, but no mention of his Ozziest role, as L. Frank Baum in The Dreamer of Oz.

One of my favorite shows on the Food Network right now is Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Last night, I caught his cupcake battle with Terri Wahl. Her place is called Auntie Em's Kitchen, which I thought was sufficiently Ozzy to mention here. Her red velvet cupcakes, however, could almost be worn on your feet and clicked together — but then I suspect you wouldn't want to eat them.

Finally, this week's episode of Thank God You're Here had Ana Gasteyer. Although she's probably best known for having been on Saturday Night Live, more recently she's also played Elphaba on Broadway and in Chicago. This was my first chance to hear her sing, and yeah, she's got pipes. Heck, go take a look at a clip of her singing on Thank God You're Here by clicking here.

Oh, yeah, and I also hear there was an Oz reference on The Office recently (thanks, Anna!). If anyone sees that the rerun is coming up, let me know, please.

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