Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oogaboo! Oogaboo!

For nearly thirty years now, I've been a part of a group of local Oz fans called the Oogaboos. We're named after the little country in the northwest part of Oz, since we're in the northwest part of the United States. We're a very laid back, casual group. About all we do is get together at someone's house every few months for dinner and conversation. About the only major Oz event we have any more is a quiz. Most of us come from the Seattle/Puget Sound area, but we have regulars from eastern Washington and Oregon, and we've even had visitors from California, Oklahoma, Utah, and New York. We've also become a bit of a group presence at the Winkie Convention.

Well, now we've gone high tech. We now have our own website, at, although it doesn't have much up yet. We also have an announcements list going, so that we can quickly send out notices of upcoming meetings. So if you live in the Northwest and want to know when our meetings are — and the next one is coming up on April 14, I might add — please feel free to join our list. Go to and sign up. It's that easy, and we promise not to pepper your inbox with spam or sell your name to someone from Nigeria.

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