Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Challenge: Three Months On

Back at the very start of this year, I issued the readers of this blog who are also members of the International Wizard of Oz Club a challenge. It read, in part:

I hope that those of you who are reading this and are Club members will ask what needs to be done and can find a place to help out. Can you write? The Bugle and Oziana always need contributors, and right now the Bugle even needs assistant editors to help out with some sections. Can you draw? Oziana always needs illustrators, or you could contribute to the calendar. You could serve on a committee, help out at the conventions, help recruit new members at Oz events, host a local Oz party in your area, anything you can think of! The Club is only as strong as those who are working behind the scenes, so the more members can help out, the stronger the Club will be.

So now it's been three months. How's it going? Have you offered your help? What are you doing? Feel free to leave a comment here, or check out the thread I started about this on the Oz Club's message board.

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