Sunday, November 12, 2006

Strange questions people have about the movie

I can always tell when the famous MGM movie version of The Wizard of Oz — you know, the one with Judy Garland &mdash' is on television, because my e-mail inbox loads up with questions about it. And wouldn't you know, TBS is showing The Wizard of Oz this weekend. So, here's what I've gotten so far:

  • When was it first shown on television in color? (According to the ad from that 1956 showing that I have reproduced in a copy of The Baum Bugle, it's been shown in color from the very beginning. But I very much doubt that most of the people watching in 1956 saw the color.)
  • Did Margaret Hamilton get skin cancer from her green make-up? (Not that I've ever heard, but she did have a slight greenish hue for a few weeks after shooting ended.)
  • What is it that the Wicked Witch's guards are chanting? (Hey, that one's in my website's FAQ, go look for it there!)

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